Extra-Curricular Activities

Activities provided vary from time to time and from season to season, but most often include the following:

  • Football (weather permitting) Mr Farmer and Mr Jackson)
  • Netball (Mrs Domanski)
  • Chess Club (Mr Farmer)
  • Violin Club
  • Flute Club
  • Clarinet Club
  • Maths Booster clubs (Y6 only)
  • Art Club (Mrs Andrews)
  • Lego therapy 
  • Mad Science Club
  • Guitar Club
  • Diocesan Choir Club
  • Cricket Club
  • Tag Rugby club.
  • We arrange friendly and league football matches for boys, and sometimes girls.
  • Mr Jackson and parent volunteers run the Football Club.
  • The cost of music tuition, run by Roundhay Music, is £6 per week.
  • Mrs Valentine and Miss Haigh take the choir.

Dexter, Maeve and Michael went to Leeds Cathedral.

We have a running club on a Tuesday for year 4 girls which is to focus on health, mind and body called "Mini Mermaids"  

Week one

Week two

The girls have been writing letters from Siren, and having the pleasure of destroying them! This gave the girls a great opportunity to listen to their inner voice and focus on the amazing positive things about themselves! We also did positive comment plates, the girls thought of some wonderful positive comments for each other, the girls really embraced reading all of the good things about themselves! We finished with a work out and our Mini Mermaid flow and  power pose! 

Week 3

This week we have been completing our positive poster campaign, the mini mermaids have designed their own positive posters to put up around the school, we have also been challenging ourselves this week with our exercise practising the crab walk, the girls silenced siren listen to their inner mermaid voice, supported each other amazingly and really showed determination. #silencesiren

Week 4

In week 4 the Mini Mermaids completed their practice challenge on a very hot day! The girls smashed their practice run, pushing themselves to run up to 20 laps around the MUGA as well as completing laps around the field. We enjoyed refreshing orange slices on a very hot day! They were so proud of themselves and each other, think you can see that from the power poses! 

Week 5

In week 5 we have been looking at the importance of having a balanced diet, we looked at all of the different food groups and made our healthy balanced diet plate. We got our legs working hard again and did some amazing running, skipping, walking, and jogging around the field with a little added sing song! 

Week 7

In week 7 we focused on feet! We spoke about what our goals are going to be for challenge day! The tribe spoke of the importance having a good breakfast in the morning, having an early night and making sure we run our own race! The girls completed their own Goal poster, the girls discussed what goals they want in the longer term! The session was finished with some strong laps around the field. 

Mr Duggan, resident composer at Leeds Cathedral came to teach the choir "Missa Mundi" which he has written for them to sing at the concert at the Cathedral on the 8th July.

The choir singing in assembly 1.12.17

The choir went to St Anne's Cathedral.

We had a music concert with the music teachers from Roundhay music.

The choir
Here are Archie and Ellenor performing at Roundhay music festival.

As seasons change and school needs change, parents will be informed of the evenings when activities take place.

We are very fortunate to have so many extra-curricular activities and very grateful for the wonderful staff and parental support.