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Welcome to St Mary's class page! 

St Mary's is one of our year 3/4 classes and we are the Autumn born children.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our work with you this year! 

Our team in St Mary's are: 

Miss Doherty- class teacher (Monday, Tuesday) 
Mr Farmer - class teacher (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) 
Miss Fox - teaching assistant 

If you need to get in touch with any of the team please do so using our e-mails - or

Stars of the Week

Children are chosen for their values and outstanding work.

Elena - for her work in reading, contributions in class and exceptional behaviour.
Shay - for his maths work and hard work in improving his handwriting. 
Olivia - always trying her very best in everytihng she does. 
Lucy - great use of instruction features and teacher comments to improve her work and producing outstanding writing.
Liam Browne - for wonderful peer work and a determination to challenge himself in subjects to further his understanding.
Eliza - for superb presentation and explaining her ideas to her peers to support their learning.
St Mary's Autumn 1 Newsletter

Please find below our newsletter for this half term which tells you what we will be covering until October half term.

St  Mary

St Mary is our class saint - during our first week we thought about Mary and the passages she appears in the Bible.  We discussed how she inspires virtues in our class.  We listened to "Let It Be" by the Beatles and created our own hymns to Mary.  We studied the Magnificat and the Hail Mary and created our own prayers to Mary.  Finally we thought of items to place in a shoe box to remind us of Mary. 
St Mary Display

This is our class virtue.  The children read Fantastic Mr Fox and focused on how Mr Fox used the virtue of community to look after his fellow underground animals and save them from starvation.  They created a news report which they then presented to the rest of the school along with a drama of the Great Feast.  Finally they used the work from Hannah Dunnett as inspiration to create a canvas on community.

Shay shared his reflections on community, " It is a nice way to get to know people. Everyone supports each other. Community is treating people like your family."

On Friday 9th October the children donated money to the MacMillan bun sale and helped the community by enjoying a bun. 
For harvest assembly we focused on our local community and the needs of the homeless.  The children presnted their harvest contributions and recited a poem they created. 

Children's work in creating pictures, which were then amalgamated and used to create the final canvas.

Roald Dahl Characters
Mr Farmer and Miss Doherty's favourite five
We love to read!

This term our class author is Roald Dahl.  At the start of the year the children drew pictures of their favourite Roald Dahl characters.  We have since read Fantastic Mr Fox and use the story to explore our Class virtue of Community.  We then read George's Marvelous Medecine using it to explore the character of Grandma and describing her looks and personality.  Currently we are reading the Magic Finger.  Each child is encouraged to read Roald Dahl books in class.  We would encourage you to read a Roald Dahl book to your children - the children could then bring in a picture, description, book report to be placed on our LOVE TO LEARN wall.

Every-time a child completes a book they love they place an apple on our reading tree.  Children read regularly to adults in a group, within the class and individually.

The children explore different aspects of reading - VIPERS - Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval Summarise.  The children will explore through creative and reflective work each aspect weekly and one child's work will be displayed.

The children have been asked to consider their favourite books in our class and why don't you try reading some of my favourite 5's as well! 


Elena's work is displayed on the Vipers board for Vocabulary. Oliver's work was chosen as he had a great understanding of inference about an abandoned train. This week we looked at prediction in the Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. Eliza had her work displayed for detailed predictions giving evidence from the book. Jack has had his work displayed from explaining his thoughts on James and the Giant Peach.

Topic -
Autumn - Pudsey and the locality and Tudors

The children have been studying the local area using compass points to locate Pudsey in relation to towns and cities.  The children researched the landmarks of Pudsey and created a class map.  They have then created their own key to represent the landmarks.  Then using digital maps have created their own maps of Pudsey placing on the landmarks using their keys.  They then have studied the difference between different sized settlements and the physical features in Yorkshire.  The children have created a map of Yorkshire identifying the human and physical aspects.

In the next half term we will be studying Tudors - You can help the children in their learning  by reading or encouraging them to create work for our Love to Learn board.
Making Maps of Pudsey

Luke shows the class map and the children using grid references, keys and digital maps to create their own map of Pudsey.


This half term we are studying the Bible and old testament stories.  The children have learnt about the Old Testament and New Testament and the different books and Gospels in the Bibles. The children produced booklets to share their knowledge. We have also learnt about Abraham and Joseph and his Dream Coat.  

Trust in God
In the second half of the Autumn term we will be looking at Trust in God and how biblical characters' faith showed their trust in God.

The children will learn about Jesus’ teaching and the importance of trusting in him. They will learn that it is not always easy to trust in God (e.g. Zechariah). They will learn about the promise God made to Mary through the angel Gabriel and learn how Joseph put his trust in God when the angel appeared to him. They will become familiar with Mary’s song of praise and trust in God (the Magnificat) and learn that God fulfilled his promise to Mary when Jesus, the Son of God, was born.

The children will have a chance to deepen their awareness of God’s love for us and know that he asks us to trust in him. They will reflect on the times it is difficult to trust and on the importance of keeping promises. They will make their own Advent promises. The children will reflect on how Mary and Joseph placed all their trust in God and experience a celebration of the Nativity.

At home:

You could help your children by making an Advent calendar with them

RE Display

The children have studied place value, where they have looked at: Roman numerals, representation of number using models, finding 1,10, 100 more and less and using blank number lines.  The children have studied comparing numbers using inequality signs and ordering numbers.

In Maths the children in Year 4 have been creatng negative number lines and identifying patterns.  The children in Year 3 created roman numeral number lines.

The children have begun to study addition and subtraction in class.  They have also been working on their tables and by the end of the Autumn term they will have studied their 2,3,4,5,8 and 10's.  Thank you for all your efforts in helping to support their table knowledge.

In Grammar the children have been working on their prepositions, adverbs, determiners a and an, nouns and adjectives.  They are then applying these features in their writing of instructions.  The children have now completed their instructions to take a walk around the historic market town of Pudsey.

In the second half of the Autumn term they will craete a non-chronolgical report and a narrative piece using the Tudors as their focus.
Handwriting Awards:

Congratulations to Stephanie for achieving an award for her cursive, joined handwriting which is fluent and sized correctly across all her work.  She can now use a handwriting pen!

Handwriting Certificates have been awarded to:
Eliza Horsman and Hannah Whiting - well done for your wonderful presentation and cursive script.
Handwriting Awards
Love to Learn Wall

When children create their own learning at home they are invited to share it with the class on the "love to learn" board. Children are regularly bringing in work and wanting to show their efforts to their peers. Oliver created his own map with grid references following his map work in class.

Art Gallery

The children studied Pointillism using0 Georges Seurat for inspiration. They then created Pop Art focusing on the work of Andy Warhol.

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