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Welcome to St Mary's Class Page 

St Mary's is one of our year 3/4 classes .

We are looking forward to sharing all of our work with you this year.

Our team in St Mary's are: 

Mrs Andrews- ClassTeacher 
Mrs McKee - Teaching Assistant 

If you need to get in touch with any of the team please do so using our e-mails - 

Purple Mash
East Ward Community Primary School - Purple Mash

We have started placing our times table homework on purple mash.  Children have a week to complete the assignment and can comment back to the teacher.  The children are welcome to explore the other features at their leisure but please ensure that they have completed their tables homework as this will support their learning in class.

The feedback from the children has been positive.
St  Mary

St Mary is our class saint - during our first week we thought about Mary and the passages she appears in the Bible.  We discussed how she inspires virtues in our class.  We listened to "Let It Be" by the Beatles and created our own hymns to Mary.  We studied the Magnificat and the Hail Mary and created our own prayers to Mary.  Finally we thought of items to place in a shoe box to remind us of Mary. 
St Mary Display 2020-21
Work completed in Anti-bullying week 2020

This is our class virtue.  The children read Fantastic Mr Fox and focused on how Mr Fox used the virtue of community to look after his fellow underground animals and save them from starvation.  They created a news report which they then presented to the rest of the school along with a drama of the Great Feast.  Finally they used the work from Hannah Dunnett as inspiration to create a canvas on community.

Shay shared his reflections on community, " It is a nice way to get to know people. Everyone supports each other. Community is treating people like your family."

On Friday 9th October the children donated money to the MacMillan bun sale and helped the community by enjoying a bun. 
For harvest assembly we focused on our local community and the needs of the homeless.  The children presnted their harvest contributions and recited a poem they created. 

Thank you to the whole class for their fund-raising efforts to help our school community by filling Smartie tubes.  
Remembrance Day Display

The children created an artwork and Eliza produced research work at home as part of our Remembrance Display.

St Mary's collected Smartie tubes and filled them with money raised by doing jobs around the house.