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Multi Faith Week: Islam!

Year 6 have explored their understanding of the Islamic religion this week.

Understanding the culture of Italy, Uk and Brazil in Geography!

Today, the children worked extremely hard in pairs to create a presentation to understand an aspect of 'culture' for our three countries we are studying at the moment in Geography: Italy, the UK and Brazil.

St Joseph Day 2021!

Today, Year 6 had a wonderful time using their creative skills to make a whole class mosaic for St Joseph. Enjoy the pictures of our class working hard.


Fabulous outfits from our favourite books in Year 6!


A little message from me to my wonderful class on the 4th January 2021.

Victorian Day

On Tuesday 1st December, Year 6 had a Victorian workshop. The children participated in a Victorian classroom, where the children followed a range of activities, including: using slates, chalk, slate pens, ink pens, abacus, charcoal drawings, explored with Victorian toys and games and more...

Advent 2020

This week, the children in Year 6 have created their own Advent calendar with ideas about 'kindness' over the upcoming weeks. Each day has been designed by one of the children to represent how their actions can show 'kindness'. The children also reflected on their own behaviour and actions to create an Advent Promise, which has created our own class wreath.

Week commencing 30th November 202
Jennifer - Jennifer, you have worked extremely hard in your subjects this year. Your accuracy is maths has grown from September to now, which has allowed your confidence to grow. In Literacy, I am always excited to open your book! Your writing has blossomed, it is clear you listen to the input of lessons, you read my models carefully and you are now demonstrating the confidence to explore with new vocabulary and sentence structures. Keep up the hard work!
Alex - Alex, your certificate this week could be given any week this year. You are one of the politest, young boys that I have had the pleasure to teach. You constantly push yourself and strive to be better, which is an inspirational quality to have. As the weeks pass by in Year 6, you are demonstrating a high level of knowledge in all subject areas because of the hard work you give to everything you do. You should be so proud of your achievements so far and the many more to come!
Diary Entry Writing

WOW - Year 6 have truly progressed in their writing skills. This half term, Year 6 have been working on developing their diary entry writing as the character Jim from our book, 'Street Child'. The children are thoroughly enjoying our novel linked to our topic of Victorians. Overall, the children have written SIX diary entries each based on different parts of the story. Every single child has developed and shown improvements! Here are six examples of work. Diary 1 - Amber B, Diary 2 - Theo, Diary 3 - Isla K, Diary 4 - Michael, Diary 5 - Maeve, Diary 6 - Noah.

Victorian PE Drill!

On Friday 27th November, Year 6 spent part of their 'Victorian Education' topic lesson experiencing a Victorian PE Drill. The children were brilliant and we really enjoyed this practical activity together.

Week commencing 23rd November 2020
Miller - A certificate given because your enthusiasm to learning is wonderful. You have shown great levels of determination in your maths work this year and continue to break those barriers to success. Your commitment to achieving is an inspiration to others. Well done!
Izzy - A certificate given because you are an absolute pleasure to have in my class. You show all the virtues of our school alongside commitment to your learning. In every subject, you ensure you give 100% and I look forward to watching you blossom further this year. Well done!
Week commencing 16th November 2020
Theo - A certificate given because of your outstanding diary writing. It is a pleasure to watch you work when you are enthusiastic and passionate. Your work this half term has been a pleasure to read. Well done!
Amber S - A certificate given because I have loved having you in my class and witnessing how much you have blossomed since year 4. You have a wonderful bubbly character and are constantly striving to achieve, an inspiration. Well done!
Thank you for two wonderful parents evenings this week. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share the positive progression of the whole class with you. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a few absences as a class but do not worry as all the work completed in class is available on the 'Remote Learning' page. As always, I know you will aim to ensure your child stays up to date with current learning and I appreciate the support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself directly. Stay safe and happy! Thank you Miss Collier!
Firstly, I hope you've all had a wonderful half term! It is Sunday 1st November and I am super happy with the following girls: Orla, Maeve, Isla K and Frankie for using TT Rockstars during the holidays. Well done, this is the fantastic dedication to learning I LOVE to see in Year 6. These four girls can start off the week back with FIVE housepoints each!
October Half Term Study!

On Thursday 22nd, those children who were able to be in school received their homework for the half term. Here is a copy of the Maths Booklet and 'The Baking Battle' reading challenge (Page 1-10) in case anyone requires an extra copy. All the work provided this half term includes only aspects of learning we have covered this half term. Good luck! Remember enjoy the half term and stay safe!

Welcome to St Margaret's class page! 

St Margaret's is our Year 6 class, where we develop our knowledge whilst having fun!

Over the year, we shall share our work and memories with you on our website page.

Our team in St Margaret's are: 

Miss Collier - Class teacher 
Mrs Hawley - Teaching assistant (Mon-Fri)
Miss Nicholson - Teaching assistant (AM)

If you need to get in touch with any of the team please do so using my e-mail -


Beautiful Handwriting...
Congratulations to all those children who have shown their wonderful handwriting this half term and received a handwriting pen. This includes: Alex, Annabelle, Jennifer, Maeve, Maisie, Frankie, Orla and Olivia! I'm excited to see who will be next, could it be you?

TT ROCKSTARS update 22.10.2020
Fantastic work form Izzy and Amber (S) for using TT Rockstars this week - YOU ROCK! Remember the October holidays is a perfect opportunity to develop your knowledge of tables - good luck!
Harvest Festival

For homework this week, Year 6 were asked to explore their understanding of Harvest through links with famine and CAFOD. I was overwhelmed by the effort many children put in towards creating posters, poems, songs and more. To include all their effort, I combined a range of work together - everything was from someone's homework (some phrases were swapped from different pieces to edit others). Today - 22nd October - Year 6 performed their piece to the whole school and parents at the Harvest Festival on zoom!

Science - Light!

This week (w/c 19th October), Year 6 have worked extremely hard to develop their knowledge of 'Light'. The class are able to describe: How we see! Reflection! Refraction! Spectrum of Colour! They even managed to complete a science investigation, thinking about different variables!

This evening, I have been blown away by a magical piece of reflective writing by Amber B, a quote from her piece to inspire you all...
"I show courage by being determined to succeed in my goals. I shoot for the stars but if I miss, I land on God's world and he gives me the courage to start again!" Simply beautiful!
Literacy Team Effort by Year 6!

Super proud of Year 6's work these past two days. They've worked tremendously hard to understand the importance of editing and up-levelling their work. Well done!

TT Rockstars Update 15.10.2020!
Thank you to those children that are recognising the benefits of developing your knowledge of multiplications and have accessed TT Rockstars this week: Miller, Oliver and Maisie - superb!
Macmillan Buns!

Year 6 really enjoyed demolishing their cakes today whilst raising awareness for the charity Macmillan. Thank you for all the donations!

Monday 5th October - Miss Collier's Shout Out!
Congratulations to Annabelle, Alex and Jennifer for achieving your handwriting pens - the first three in Year 6! Well deserved - keep up the hard work!
Super impressed with Isabelle for using TT Rockstars over the weekend and to Maeve for using TT Rockstars this evening! Well done girls - you rock!

09.10.2020 - This week the children have explored their understanding of Haworth and Leeds further through a range of activities.

St Margaret's Newsletters

Please find below our newsletter for this half term which tells you what we will be covering until October half term.

Live Stream Mass!

Today (2nd October 2020), Year 6 had a live stream mass with Father Peter. Frankie and Maeve had the opportunity to go to Church and read at the Mass.

Thank you to Jennifer, Miller, Amber B, Isla K and Michael for using TT Rockstars during the first four weeks back at school. Super impressed with your positive attitude to your learning! Well done!
We love to read!

Every half term, there will be new books in our favourite five section. Here we share our favourite five boxes with you. Take the opportunity to take a book from this section and have a read yourself.

Class Virtue of Curiosity and Faith!

In our second week back at work, our class focussed on the values of curiosity and faith. We used the book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to support our understanding of virtues and vices. As a class, we wrote a speech to share with the school.

RE - Called to Serve!

This half term, our RE topic is Called to Serve. These pieces of creative work simply had to be shared!


These first few weeks, the children have been exploring their understanding of vocabulary and are now beginning to up-level their work to create effective sentences!


This half term children have discovered the rhymes: Never Eat Shredded Wheat or Naughty Elephants Squirt Water to help them remember their compass points. The children have also worked extremely hard this work using Ordnance Survey maps with four-figure AND six-figure grid references! Well done Year 6!

We love to independently read!

VIPERS book reviews are a great way Year 6 are showing their knowledge about the text they've read. Here is a fantastic example from Jennifer!

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