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St Joseph's Section 48 report 

St Joseph's was last inspected by the Diocese of Leeds on the 11th and 12th March 2014. The school has also had a Canonical review on 6th March 2017 to ensure the school was working towards the targets set. 

The school was graded as GOOD overall in 2014 with OUTSTANDING in the area of leaders and managers 

Outcomes for pupils - 2 
The provision for Catholic Education - 2 
Leaders and Managers - 1 

This is a Good Catholic School (2)

 From the moment you enter St Joseph’s it is impossible to miss the strong and distinctive community ethos that exists. Parish life is intricately woven together with school life. Children, staff, governors and parents are extremely proud of their school’s Catholic traditions.
 Teaching is mainly good and some is outstanding. There is no inadequate teaching.
 The leadership and management of the school are outstanding. The headteacher has established a very clear vision for the RE and Faith Life of the school.
 The provision of Collective Worship is outstanding and the extent to which pupils contribute to and benefit from the Catholic Life of the school is also outstanding.
 The school is not yet outstanding overall because the recent impressive initiatives that have been put in place to improve children’s response to and participation in Collective Worship, as well as the work to ensure there is more outstanding teaching across the school, have not yet had enough time to fully take effect.
 Pupil behaviour is extremely good. This is true in and out of the classroom. Most pupils concentrate very well in lessons and are rarely off task.
 The school is very well resourced and shows dedicated and focused commitment to enhancing provision further. The caretaker and his staff make sure that the building is comfortable, clean and safe. 
 Most children make at least good progress in RE during their time at the school and leave Year 6 with attainment which is slightly above the national average. 

What the school needs to do to improve further

 Make greater use of the outstanding teaching that already exists in the upper part of the school to further improve all teaching and learning in RE. This should involve using ICT more regularly and making lessons more engaging, enjoyable and varied and enabling pupils to be more active and collaborative in lessons.
 Continue to improve the quality and consistency of Collective Worship across the school so that pupil response and participation is outstanding, and enthusiastic in all classes.
 Ensure that all pupils are given the information they need to reach their full potential in RE. This will involve continuing to make effective use of assessment data within each year group to plan learning activities that will allow them to achieve higher levels of attainment.
Section 48 inspection report for St Joseph's Pudsey
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