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Hi guys!

This week is transition week, therefore you will find a range of exciting activities in Literacy and for your afternoon tasks linked to this topic! Maths stays the same so that you can revise important objectives before starting Year 6! 😊

I hope you enjoy it :)

Transition week - Literacy
Transition week - afternoon activities
Hello guys!

I hope you are all keeping safe! I miss seeing all your faces at school!
This week is health week, therefore you will find a range of exciting activities (Maths, literacy and afternoon activities) linked to health and wellbeing to complete! I hope you enjoy it :)
Health week - virtual sports day!

I hope that you will join us and get involved with our Virtual Sports Day this week! We have a range of fun activities that everyone can access from home, with as little equipment as possible. When you have your scores, please send them to me by email so I can count them and add them to our class's results. The sheet is a word document so you can fill it in and send it back to me. If you have any pictures or videos of you completing the activities, please send them in. Have fun! :)

Health week - Maths (29/06)

This week we are looking at line graphs! From Monday to Wednesday, you will complete activities that help you to understand line graphs. On Thursday, you will complete an active task and present your data by drawing your own line graph.


Year 5! A little update to give you ideas to stay active! Here are two documents. 'Active June' gives you activities that you can complete as many times as possible or for as long as you can. It's all about setting your personal best and then trying to beat it! The other document, called 'Personal challenge', includes a link that will provide you with new challenges every week. Remember to record your scores and challenge yourself to do your best! Have fun!

Hello Year 5! I hope you all had a lovely break and that you are keeping safe! :) 

This is an update to provide you with the work for the upcoming weeks. You will find Literacy tasks (4 writing tasks, 5 SPAG tasks and 1 reading task per week), Maths tasks (we are starting this half term by going right back to place value to make sure our arithmetic skills are spot on, ready for next year!), as well as RE and Topic (History) (one task each a week). 

If you want some fun French practice, you can still join our classroom on duo lingo! Well done to the students who have already logged in and completed lessons! Bravo!You can find the details to log in in the 'French'section' below. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need further guidance, I will be happy to help!

If you can not access the work online, please call school or send me an email ( and a paper copy will be printed for you to collect at the school office. 

If you want to show off any piece of work or need support with anything, please don't hesitate to email me and I will answer as soon as I can!

Well done children for all your hard work! I miss you all!

Miss Martin
Summer 2 Literacy

There is no reading comprehension for week 3, so make sure you are reading 20 minutes a day.

Summer 2 Week 1 to 4 - RE
Summer 2 Week 1 to 4 - Topic (History)

Bonjour Year 5, I know you guys are absolutely fantastic at speaking French so I thought we could continue practising together! I have set set up an account for our classroom on duo lingo. This is a super fun app to learn languages! This is not compulsory but is available for you if you would like to practise a bit at home. The instructions to join our classroom can be found on the attached document. Make sure you name your account so I know who has logged in! Let me know if you need further guidance to set up your account! I hope to see a lot of you on there! :)

Update 01.06.2020
Unfortunately, Year 6 won the 'Battle of the Bands' competition against Year 5 on TT Rockstars. However, a big shout out to those individuals who worked extremely hard over the half term to complete their learning: Bethany, Lia, Noah, Isla H, Michael and Zara! I am VERY proud of these children for trying their best! Let's see if more out of our class of 30 can develop their TT Rockstars skills this week!

Update 22.05.2020

It’s the May half term! Well done for working hard at home. Your challenge this half term is a ‘Battle of the Bands’ on TT Rockstars. As a special competition Year 5 and Year 6 will be competing against each other to be champions of times tables. We should all have secure times table knowledge by the end of Year 4 – so everyone can take part! The ‘Battle’ begins on Saturday 23rd May at 8.30am and you can play as many times as you wish until Monday 1st June at 8.30am, simply just play any zones on TT Rockstars.  Who will win? Year 5 or Year 6? Good luck! The winners will be announced on Monday 1st June.

Update 14/05/2020
I have to add a little update today to say how proud I am of these guys who have had a go on TTrockstars this week: Michael, Lucas, Amber S, Isla H, Isla K, Jack, Beth, Maeve, Oliver! Well done you! Keep up the fantastic work! :D

Update 11/05/2020
Please feel free to send me any pieces of work you are proud of! I'd love to see it!
Also if you have lost your password/username for TTrockstars, mathletics or spellodrome and need reminding of them, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

Update 08/05/2020
Well done to Isla H, Isla K and Amber Smith for using TT Rockstars in May! What SUPER STARS!
Can I please remind all of you to try to have a go at using it for at least 30 minutes a week. Times table knowledge is a great skill to have! :D

Update 04/05/2020
If you came to collect a pack for this week, please ignore the tasks set for Friday as it is a bank holiday. The reading and maths tasks for this day will roll over to next week (Maths for 11/05 and Reading for 15/05). Thank you!

Update 30/04/2020

If you need any help with the SPAG vocabulary, you will find a very helpful glossary with all the features explained!
Go to 'Our Learning' >  'School curriculum' > select 'St Josephs SPAG Glossary 2020' :) 


Update 27/04/2020
Active update – Check out our website for some Leeds Rhinos Foundation challenges and other activities that are linked to Tokyo 2020! You can challenge a family member or challenge yourself to set your personal best!

Have fun! 😊


Hello Year 5! I hope you all had a lovely Easter and that you are keeping safe! :)

This is an update to provide you with the work for the upcoming weeks. You will find Literacy (writing, SPAG and reading) and Maths tasks for the next two weeks (one lesson of each a day), as well as RE and Topic (Science) lessons for this Summer half term (one lesson a week).
Joe Wicks is still providing free online PE sessions every day at 9am!


  • If you need anything, just send me an email, I will be here to help or answer any questions :) I am available from 8.30 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. My email is:
  • If you cannot access the work online, please call school (between 8h30 and 3h15 – Monday to Friday) or send me an email and I will print a paper copy for you to collect at the school office.


Well done children for all your hard work!

We thank you for your continued support in this unprecedented times.

Miss Martin


Summer 1/Week 3 - Maths

This week's sheets will need to be printed as children need to reflect and translate shapes on a grid. If you are unable to print the sheets at home, please contact the office or myself to come and collect the printed sheets from school. Thank you

Summer 1/Week 5 - Maths

Year 5 have now finished the maths curriculum, Woohoo! The maths scheme we are using in St Joseph's, White Rose, has now prepared revision packs for all classes. Therefore, each day, the children will complete an activity to recap an objective that they have learned this year. Amazingly, every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly which method to use! Here are the links: Lesson 1: Lesson 2: Lesson 3: Lesson 4 and 5:

Summer 1 - Literacy (writing)

Week 5: The document called: 'Literacy (SPAG, writing, reading)' provides you with the tasks for these three subjects for this week. The document called 'model text' is the text you will have to use for Monday and Tuesday's tasks. It gives you an example of 'What A Good One Looks Like' so you can get some inspiration to write your own story. The document called 'story planning sheet' is the sheet you need for Tuesday's task. It will help you to plan some SPAG features to use when you write your story later this week.

Summer 1 - SPAG

Week 5 - You will find the SPAG tasks for this week in the document called: 'Literacy (SPAG, writing, reading)' in the literacy (writing) section.

Summer 1 - Reading

Week 5 - You will find the reading tasks for this week in the document called: 'Literacy (SPAG, writing, reading)' in the literacy (writing) section.

Summer 1/Week 1 to 5 - RE

This document provides you with one creative and one reflective lesson of RE per week. Enjoy :)

Summer 1/Week 1 to 5 - Science

This document provides you with one Science lesson a week. The experiments require adult support. Have fun! :D

Homework Easter

Welcome to St Paul online learning updates!

Firstly, thank you for your patience and understanding whilst staff organise work for children to complete during school closure. This class page will provide all the resources you will need to enable your child to continue to develop their learning.

As a school we will be providing: one Maths, one English, one SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) or Phonics every day for the children to complete. We would also like children to have opportunity to complete an RE (religious education) and Topic (geography, history or science) once a week (where possible). For exercise, 'Joe Wicks' will be providing free online PE sessions every day at 9am!

Children have been provided with resource packs, which include: a workbook, a pencil and a rubber as necessities. You may use this resources to support the learning or use your own equipment, if you wish.

As teachers are still providing education online, all teaching staff will be available to contact via email between the hours of 8.30am and 4pm. Staff will be more than happy to respond to any questions or concerns. The class teachers email is:

We thank you for your continued support in this unprecedented times.

Edit 1: For any support in maths, or if you would like to brush up on year 5 maths skills, this is a brilliant link:

Edit 2: For further guidance with the SPAG vocabulary, a glossary is available on the website! Head to 'Our learning' and select "A guide for parents on the curriculum". You can also find extra resources for reading. 

Religious education
World book day
WWI Workshop
Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Welcome to Year 5 class page!
We are a class of 30 witty, lively and unique children who will be taught by Miss Martin, Mrs Newton and Mrs Meredith.

This page is here to show you the great and exciting work Year 5 have been getting up to! 

Homework: A maths and a SPAG toolkit will be given every Friday. The toolkits are due the following Wednesday.
Books will be changed every Tuesday. 
A list of spellings to learn will be given every Monday. The children will be tested on their knowledge on the Friday of that week.

We would like to remind you that timestable rockstar, Mathletics and Spellodrome are also here for your children to get extra practice at home (do not hesitate to ask for the username and password if needed). 

Our PE days are Monday and Tuesday (afternoons).
Children should be coming to school in their uniforms and change into their PE kit before the lesson (black shorts and green t-shirts or green tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirts for outdoor PE).

What have we been learning?
This class page will be regularly updated with pictures of exciting activities the children will be taking part in! Meanwhile you can have a look at the newsletter attached. 

Parents evening meeting Wednesday 11th 5.30/6.30
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