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Mrs Wraithmell's Class

Welcome to the Year 3 Class page!

Mrs Wraithmell will teach Tuesday to Friday. Mr Farmer will teach R.E. with the class on Monday morning and Mr Oldfield will teach P.E. on Monday afternoon.

We are really looking forward to learning lots of new and exciting things in Year 3!

Keep checking the Year 3 class page to see all of the fun things we have been getting up to in school. 

P.E. Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon.
Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon (when not swimming). The children should come to school in there school uniform. They will change into their black shorts and white t-shirt. The jogging suit should not be worn to school.  

Swimming - The children in St Margarets will go swimming on Friday afternoon in November and December. They need to bring with them a towel and swimming costume/trunks. If the children prefer to wear goggles or a swimming hat they can bring these too. We do walk to and back from the swimming pool so please ensure that the children do wear appropriate coats particularly as the weather turns colder. We will not be going swimming on the very last day of term.

R.E. - We will be learning about the 
importance of trusting in God and will reflect upon God’s message to Zechariah. We will be learning how Mary trusted in God and begin to recognise that we may need help to trust in God like Joseph.

Maths - We have been learning our mulitiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables.  We have begun to solve word problems using these facts.  We will then move on to learning how to add and subtract money.

Melting with Mayans - Topic and Literacy
We have finished writing our Fajitas recipes and will begin to learn about writing our letters as explorers in Central America. We will be carrying out lots of research about the animals that live there and what it is like there today.  We will be learning about classification keys and sorting animals from Central America using one. We will learn all about the dangers faced by the rainforest caused by changes in the environment.  We will research the Lacandon Jungle and locate the rivers on a map. 

If you have any photos or souvenirs from the area, please send them in!

Maths toolkit and Spelling homework are sent home on Friday to be returned by the following Thursday.

Thank you
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