School Lunches

Please find our school dinner menu for this term below and a document explaining allergens in food we serve:

Please feel free to look at our new school lunch menus which are now on a 4 week rotation.

Dinners - A message from Mrs Dowd, Cook in Charge

There are four of us who work in the kitchen at St Joseph’s: myself, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Costello and Mrs Harrison. The meals we cook are freshly prepared each day. Our food is sourced locally as much as possible; our vegetables come from Sutcliffe's in Farsley, fruit from the Farm Shop in Pudsey and meat is purchased from both Lane End Farm Shop, Tong and Eshelby’s in Pudsey.  The meals are nutritionally balanced and the content analysed to ensure that the children have the correct amount of calorie intake each day.

A typical day’s menu may be;

Pork meat balls and pasta (Pasta Bake) with Sue’s tomato sauce
Garlic bread
Green beans and sweetcorn

Rainbow sponge
Fresh fruit

Lunches and children’s nutrition are regular news items. We are now entering the seventh year of providing our own dinners, using locally- sourced food. Our meals must meet the statutory nutritional standards and we take great care over this.

Mrs Dowd and her hard- working team provide fantastic food; we manage to keep the costs and wastage down by providing one menu each day. However, we are happy to provide a vegetarian option too, if requested. The number of children taking a school dinner has gone up again and we are able to cater for any number; our ambition is for all children to take a school lunch. Please contact Mrs Lambert in the office if you would like your child to change to a school dinner.

We are continuing to promote healthy lunchboxes. If children are able to bring healthy snacks and fruit in their lunchboxes Monday to Thursday, then they will be allowed to bring in a small treat on a Friday: crisps or a biscuit