Welcome to our Class Page!

We have been learning about Hinduism.

Year 3 came to read us the stories which they had written themselves.

During Easter week we made bonnets.

Year 6 came to peer assess our work about Holy Week.

In science week we made bubble paintings.

We enjoyed all our work about aliens.

We have been making our own rockets and testing them out. We also went on a trip to the moon.

We have been learning dance in PE.

Our school trip was to Magna!!

In maths we made 3D shapes from playdough.


We have been discussing fairy stories in groups then we acted them out in role plays.


We have worked on number patterns in maths this week.


We have been doing balancing in PE this week.

We have been learning about symmetry in maths.

Our class assembly was about 'Justice'.


We have been learning about weights and measurements.


We retold the story of Moses.