Welcome to our Class Page!

We love making bubbles.....

Some of the children have been practicing their writing and making up sentences about Mrs Andrews.

We finally released the butterflies.

We had a visit from the Bee man. He showed us some bees and told us lots of information then let us try on beekeper outfits.

We had some Sikh visitors this week and tried lots of new foods.


Today we went to church to look at all the important things.

We had a delivery this week of caterpillars. We are going to feed them and watch them grow...

Our trip to Pudsey Park was fantasic.....

We have been tasting foods like "The very hungry caterpillar" did in the story.

We are learning about heavier and lighter in maths.

We have been doing lots more activities about bugs.

We've been learning about creepy crawlies.

Our class liturgy was about new life.

We are learning to half in maths.

We can show how we are sorry to each other.

We have been learning the days of the week and the seasons of the year.

Our class liturgy was about Zaccheus and how we show we are sorry.

We like stories and have been making story books and acting out Hansel and Gretel.

We have been learning about how to say sorry in RE.

Year 3 came to share a book with us too on world book day.

Here are our world book day costumes...

Some of our parents stayed to share a book with us.

We had a visit from some dinosaurs and then did some work about them.


We have done loads of maths work on capacity, 2D shapes and addition and subtraction.

We went to St Andrews class and they told us all about charity and alms giving.

We had lots of fun dressing up as pirates and singing a pirate song.

This term we are learning about pirates. we hunted for treasure with clues. we also made our own maps and eyepatches, built pirate ships, and played other pirate games.

We had a visit from Santa today.


Our Nativity was a great success.


Here we are in our costumes for our Nativity-The Christmas Six.

In P.E we're learning about balancing in gymnastics.

We've been learning about Hanukkah.

We are starting to think about Christmas.

This week we all did some problem solving in a maths workshop.

We've made a street picture with Miss Roberts.


We have been reading words all over the classroom to practice our phonics.

We have been remembering the soldiers who died in the war.

In maths we have been working out 1 more and 1 less.

We talked about how we are all different from each other but how we are all special like "Elmer"

We made "friendship hero" capes for anti-bullying week. 

We had lots of fun making firework pictures

Here we are making letters in gymnastics.

We have been counting up to 20 and ordering numbers.

We had lots of fun on fancy dress day.

We have been practicing counting objects 1-1.

This week we have been talking about our feelings.



In RE we have been talking about who we live with and who we love as well as how we all look after each other and the environment.

We have been showing that we know the different positions like above, next to, under.

This week we have been learning about Goldilocks and the three bears.