On Wellbeing day we made fruit kebabs and did Zumba.

We have all learnt how to do Bhangra dancing.

Father Richard came to talk to us about icons.

We have planted seeds.

We have been measuring this week.


We made pictures of the seasons of the year.

We had a coffee morning to raise morning for Good Shepherd.

In science week we have been making bubble pictures.

In maths we have been counting in 10s.

We had a fun day pretending to be kings and queens.

Our dance lesson in PE.

We did a role play on "The Good Samaritan".


In maths we have been learning about capacity and how to measure and record whether its full, half full or empty.

This week our assembly was all about St Peter.

We read "The Birthday Crown" and discussed the crown before making our own.

In science we have been testing types of materials to see if they are waterproof.

We read 'The elves and the shoemaker' then we wrote our own job applications.


We have been sorting out materials into groups in our science lesson.


We had so much fun at our Christmas party.


We all made an advent promise this week.


Our Parable was about the unforgiving servant, we wrote story boards of the original parable and of a modern day version.

Our Harvest gifts!!!!!

In maths we worked on halving.

We have been writing about Autumn and made a model of Pudsey Park.



Our trip to Pudsey park

This week we have been learning about our senses.


This week we have been learning to measure and order numbers.