The School Day

The day starts at 8.40 am and ends at 3.15 pm. Both Key Stages 1 & 2 have a 15 minute break in the morning and 55 minutes for lunch. Every Thursday, Years 1 to 6 have a ten-minute break for whole-school exercise at lunchtime from September. Key Stage 1 has a 15-minute break in the afternoon. There is no afternoon break in Key Stage 2.

Time spent on teaching and learning each day is 4 hours and 45 minutes for Key Stage 1 and 5 hours for Key Stage 2.

The children are expected to be in the playground for 8.40 am. each day as the bell rings at this time to enable the school day to start promptly at 8.45 am.

The children in Foundation Stage have separate arrangements. We have more of an open door policy so that you can bring the children from 8.45 to 9.00 and collect them from 3.00 to 3.15. This is of help to parents who have children in different key stages.