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Welcome to St Peter's Class Page

St Peter's is one of our Year 3/4  classes .

We are looking forward to sharing all of our work with you this year! 

Our team in St Peter's are: 

Mrs Longbottom - Class Teacher 
Mrs Valentine - Teaching Assistant

If you need to get in touch with any of the team please do so using my e-mail -

Year 3/4 Spelling

Each week we will be learning a new spelling rule in class. These documents share what spellings we have been learning and give you chance to learn them at home too!

Autumn 2021 Maths

The children continue to represent numbers using different resources. Now they are working on 3 and 4- digit numbers.

Autumn 2021 Science

The children have been learning about states of matter, and how they change from one state to another. The children have seen what makes chocolate melt and 'made' chocolate crispy buns. They have also created their own water cycle experiment with cress seeds. Let's see if they grow!

Times tables practise
We are practising our times tables everyday, whetehr it is through chanting, writing the facts down into our books or completing games. Please practise with your child at home. Year 3 children are focussing on 2's, 5s 10's and 3s for now and Year 4 children are looking at 2's, 5's, 10's, 3's.and 8s Test your child to recall the facts at random such as asking 3 x 2 or 8 x 2.

You can play the game: Hit the button on or to learn your times tables facts. Have fun with it kids!
We love to read!
Tudor Houses Summer 2021

In our history we have been learning about the Tudor Era and last week we finished off making our Tudor homes. We compared them to present day houses and labelled the features onto our plans and evaluated our finished models.

Multi-faith week

We learnt about the religion Judaism. The children made Challah bread and wrote instructions of how they did it. They also made dreidels using salt dough. We also looked at the special symbol of The Star of David and made stain glass windows. The children loved learning about Judaism and comparing it to our faith.

We went on a bear hunt!

This week, we went on a bear hunt in the playground for one of our English lessons. Mrs Smith was the bear and the children had to describe how the bear moved through each setting in the story as he followed the children. They all loved acting out the story and came up with some fantastic words such as boom, boom, smash, crash and crunch, crunch.

Maths work

This past week, some of the children have been looking at 2-D and 3-D shapes. They went on a hunt with Mrs Mcphail, sorted shapes and made repeating patterns with them. We are so impressed with your knowledge this week, excellent work!

Victorian school day

On Wednesday a Victorian school teacher came in and as a class we took part in different activities. First we looked at different Victorian toys and we really enjoyed it. The children discovered that some of the toys were quiet tricky but kept trying and got better at playing with them. Then we explored leaves and flowers and drew a still life drawing of them using parchment paper and pencils. Afterwards, we took part in some Victorian ring games on the playground, I taught them in and out the shading bluebells and we did the hokey pokey. Finally in the afternoon, we went the teacher who we had to call Miss. Some of the children were a bit worried before meeting her but by the end they loved it. We wrote on slates with chalk, we recited our alphabet and wrote with ink and pen too. We learnt a lot about Victorian children and schools.

A great week back with you all

It has been lovely to have all of our children back in. We got creative at the start of the week and made story maps of the story 'We're going on a bear hunt'. The children wrote captions from the story onto them too. We also acted out the full story which we all really enjoyed. Year 2 have been learning about 3D shapes and Year 1 have explored mass and how to weigh using a balance.

World Book Day!

It was a great day last Thursday, the children were so creative with their costumes and we read quite a few stories that were brought in. The children made a wanted poster for Robin Hood which we learnt about all last week in our phonics lessons. Well done to Charlotte and George too who got a certificate for the best costumes.

We love to read!

Here are my favourite five books from Autumn 1

Hero day!

The children dressed up as some amazing heroes and were able to explain why their hero was important to them. They enjoyed taking part in the parade and seeing all of the other classes. Well done St Peter's

Bonfire pictures

The children worked with Mrs McKee to create a bonfire and firework scene. They talked about the colours and used the media of oil pastels to look at smudging the colours to blur and mix them together.

R.E. - Making the wrong and then the right choice

As a class we role played in groups how we should look after God's World and the creatures that are within it. The group pictured below are showing how people sometimes do not look after small creatures such as spiders, but then acted out making the right choice in placing the spider outside. Other groups role-played cutting down trees as making the wrong choice and then by planting more to make the right choice.

Maths - Using the part-whole model

In maths the past week, the Year One children looked at splitting numbers in different ways by using the part-whole model. At the end of the week they began solving addition calculations. The Year Two children used the part-whole model to look at addition fact families by changing the order of the numbers to make different calculations.

Geography - Looking at compass point directions

As a class we explored the four compass points. we then planned a route suing the compass points to travel to the mugger. The children were brilliant at identifying North, East, South and West.

R.E. - Creation Walk

The children went on a walk around school with Mrs Mcphail to find all of the beautiful things that God has created for us. We made I wonder statements about them, such as I wonder why the sky is blue, I wonder why God made trees, I wonder why he made all of the stars. The children then answered their own and other children's I wonder statements.

R.E. - The Creation Story

Everyone in the class made a plate to resemble one of the days from the creation story. We then ordered the story as well.

Our class virtue is courage and during the first week of school we looked at the story of The Owl who was afraid of the dark.

The children drew pictures of when they showed courage and thought of some lovely meanings for courage to go onto our canvas which will be displayed ins school. We also wrote scriptures from the bible which explained courage.
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