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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding  


Our primary aim is to support the increased attainment of those children who are pupil premium and other pupil groups. We strive for all children who receive pupil premium funding to attain high levels of attainment. We look at all the possible barriers to learning for each child and provide bespoke interventions tailored to individual needs. Interventions are regularly evaluated throughout the year to assess impact and progress.

Who is entitled to Pupil Premium funding?

The early years pupil premium (EYPP) is additional funding for early years settings to improve the education they provide for disadvantaged 3 and 4 year-olds.
Early years providers are any organisation that offers education for children aged under 5, including nurseries, children’s centres, pre-schools and childminders.
The virtual school head should be involved in identifying and funding the EYPP for looked after children in Leeds.
3 and 4 year olds in receipt of free early education will attract EYPP funding if they meet at least 1 of the following criteria:

Children must receive free early education in order to attract EYPP funding. They do not have to take up the full 570 hours of early education they are entitled to in order to get EYPP.
Children become eligible for free early education at different points in the year depending on when they turn 3.
Please note that 4-year-olds in primary school reception classes who already receive the school-age pupil premium are not eligible for EYPP funding.
Identifying eligible children
Early years providers are ultimately responsible for identifying eligible children. However, providers should be encouraged to speak to parents to find out who is eligible for EYPP funding.
In particular, providers should speak to the parents of children who took up the early education entitlement for 2-year-olds, as most of these children will attract EYPP when they turn 3.
For further details, please contact the Family Information Service on 0113 247 4386.