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RE Curriculum

The religious education at St Josephs is according to the rites and practice of the Roman Catholic Church. The curriculum, in all its aspects reflects the fact that Jesus Christ is the foundation of the whole educational experience.  RE accounts for 10 % of the total teaching time and is based on the Diocesan Scheme  'The Way, The Truth and The Life'.

At St Josephs the lessons are split into 2 distinct sessions:

1. A creative session, where teaching uses drama, art, music, ICT and writing to provide the foundations of their learning.  Children are asked wonder and exploration questions during or at the end of the session to consider their learning. 

2. A reflective task where children focus on using their knowledge acquired during the creative session to reflect and apply to situations.  Children are then challenged to extend their thinking.

In addition to their study of the Catholic faith the children learn about other World faiths where they:

Spend one week’s teaching time in the 2nd half term in the Summer, studying with a buddy class to explore a World faith:

Y6 with Y1/2 - Islam
Y5 with Y1/2 - Judaism
Y4 with Y1/2 - Sikhism
Y3 with Rec - Hinduism

Spend one week, as a whole school, to explore an aspect of one World Faith this will be done on a rolling programme.

2018 Sikhism, 2019 Hinduism, 2020 Judaism and 2021 Islam

At the end of the week children present their learning to the school and their parents.

3. Spiritual Retreat

As part of the RE Curriculum, the children go on a 3 day retreat to Minsteracres.  During this time at Lent the children have a chance to experience a variety of ways to pray and communicate with God.

The children experience:

A pilgrimage, Taize prayer, prayer through song, creative prayer, stilling exercises, meditation, prayer through art, building a life through prayer, creating a prayer space and lexio divina.

There is a prayer garden and spaces to collect thoughts.  The children will go on a prayer walk to explore nature and God’s beauty in the natural environment.


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