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St Andrew's Class

Welcome to an insight into St Andrew's class, where we cherish every day to learn and love!

Our main class teacher is Miss Aspinall. 

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Remmer. 


We designed and made our own fruit kebabs!

“The watermelon is very juicy.” – Eloise

“The strawberries taste delicious!” – Mia


St Andrew’s class have a real passion for maths and have enjoyed learning new mathematical concepts.

Year 1 have learnt about place value to 10, 20 and 100.

Year 2 have focused on the different operations such as add, subtract, divide and multiply.

We particularly enjoyed exploring length and measuring different objects!

World Book Day

The children had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. We dressed up as familiar characters from books and stories and spent the day exploring a love for reading!

Multifaith and Art Week

We learnt about Buddhism. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the religion, exploring the symbol of the Lotus Flower through the technique of sketching. We added colour using pastels.