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SEND at St Joseph's

The SENDCo in school is Mrs Caroline Rice. 

If you would like to contact the SENDCo please phone the school office on 01132565407 or email on



We have a highly inclusive ethos.  All of our team share high expectations and aspirations for all of our pupils.  We work hard to ensure that every child in our school will reach their full potential.

Our focus is on early intervention, starting from the transition process into the Foundation Stage from Nursery as well as into KS1 and on raising attainment in order to ‘close the gap’ as much as possible.  We achieve this through responding to the individual needs of our learners by providing carefully planned and targeted interventions.  We ensure appropriate intervention and support is provided as soon as it is identified.  Our approach is flexible and creative, always aiming to enthuse and engage our learners as well as boost progress.  We believe that emotional wellbeing is vital for children to flourish educationally and this is an integral part of our school ethos and SEND provision.  



The school is effective at leading on SEND.  Our SENCo, Mrs Caroline Rice is a part time member of staff and the Deputy Head Teacher.  She is fully supported by both the Head Teacher and the other Deputy Head Teacher.  Our valuable team of support staff lead their own small group interventions and 1:1 work where appropriate.  We monitor, review and evaluate our SEN provision at least termly as part of a continuous cycle.  SEND Registers are updated; Individual Provision Maps are reviewed and amended.  Attainment is closely tracked and progress is monitored and analysed termly.  Following this analysis, our SENCo works closely with class teachers to action plan for future improvement.  We meet with the parents and carers of children with Individual Provision Maps regularly to give progress updates and to ensure that they can make their contribution to their own child’s Plan.  Our SENCo meets regulalry with our SEN governor where they work collaboratively to write reports, which are shared with the Governing Body, showing what provision looks like across school and how children with SEN are performing in school.


Within school, we receive funding for children with SEND.  Some of this supports children with adult support when it is required.  Sometimes children will receive support on a 1:1 basis; other times children will be supported in small groups for set times in the day.  Additional resources may be purchased, e.g. visual aids.  Interventions take place every day throughout our timetable and this is different for every year group depending on the needs of the learners within that group.