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St Mary's Class

Welcome to an insight into St Mary's class, where we love to play, learn and laugh!

Our main class teacher is Mr Allen.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs McKee.

Investigating plants
In science, we have been learning about plants. The children have been looking at different types of plants and how they grow. They also conducted their own investigation, planting seeds and recording how they grow in different conditions.

Getting creative in RE lessons

In our RE lessons, children explore Bible passages through a range of creative activities such as role play and arts and crafts.

Recently the children learnt about The Ascension and made their own creative pictures of Jesus ascending to Heaven.

Love for reading

We aim to inspire a love for reading in all children. In choosing time, Pupils have the opportunity to read a book of their choice in our dedicated reading corner.

Each half term we also have a ‘love for reading’ lesson when Mr Allen shares his favourite five books with the class and we have the opportunity to read together and talk about the stories.

Hands on maths

Our maths lessons involve practical activities to help children to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts.

Our class charity – Mary’s meals

In September we chose our class charity – Mary’s Meals. Founded in 2002, Mary’s Meals feeds over 2.4 million children around the world by providing them with a free school meal. Their daily meals help to get children into school, giving them hope for the future. 

The charity is named in honour of Mary, the mother of Jesus, who is our class saint.

Each day in May we started the morning with Hail Mary, remembering the children who our charity supports.

In June we are planning to take part in Mary’s Meals Dalmally to Malawi challenge – we will be running laps round the playground and aiming to do a mile a day. Our miles will contribute to the charity’s virtual journey from Dalmally (in Scotland) to Malawi, to raise money for children in some of the world’s poorest countries.